Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Explainable algorithms that accelerate analysis

We live in an era where technology is profoundly impacting human life across all industries and in all domains. Data is now being generated at a rate that dwarfs the Information Technology environment of the 20th century. To create value from today's information explosion, we need the help of automation technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms.

Black Cape specializes in the creation of explainable machine learning capabilities that are:

  • explainable with a clear pedigree of where training data came from, and how they were created
  • tailored for specific purposes and optimized for deployment (instead of R&D)
  • documented with descriptions of the situations they can be used for, and well defined interfaces
  • cloud-native with simple containerized deployment options.

There are hundreds of machine learning frameworks available today.
Black Cape creates explainable machine learning models with these tools:



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