Black Cape is passionate about software engineering and we’re looking for full stack software engineers that share our enthusiasm. We want to talk to you if you get excited about:

  • Working on mission critical projects that have a real impact
  • Crafting UIs that astonish users
  • Using python to analyze data or create webapps
  • Combining massive data sets to unlock new insights
  • Writing infrastructure as code to make DevOps a breeze
  • Using the open source tools to continually level up
  • Collaborating with end users design solutions
  • Building teams that continually raise the bar
  • Sharing your expertise with teammates and learning from others

Here are the tools that we commonly use:

  • Core Languages: Python / Java / JavaScript / TypeScript / Go
  • JS Frameworks: React / Angular / Vue
  • Web Mapping: MapboxGL/, Leaflet, OpenLayers, Cesium
  • Machine Learning: TensorFlow / Scikit-learn / NLTK
  • Data Storage: PostgreSQL / PostGIS / Elasticsearch / Arango
  • Cloud: AWS / Azure
  • Tools: Docker / Ansible / SaltStack / GitLab CI / Jenkins

A Day in the Life

TeamworkWe believe good teams and continual learning are core to delivering extraordinary results. Our teams are typically 4-8 full-stack engineers that fully own the software development lifecycle and the project management process. Teams come up with agile processes that work for them rather than strict adherence to any one standard. Engineers are responsible for everything from requirements gathering and sprint planning to UI development, backend coding, testing, DevOps, and deployment. On a daily basis you’ll be having a standup with your team, holding design sessions to work through tough issues, or planning the next sprint.

Treat Engineers Like Professionals

Start UpWe believe in treating our engineers like professionals. That means providing engineers with top of the line MacBook Pro, creating policies that allow flexible work locations, and time off policies that make sense. That also means that we want engineers to use the latest tools and techniques to generate game changing results for our customers. Our customers look to us for innovative solutions and as engineers we need to constantly sharpen our skills while adding new tricks to our bag.

Known, liked, and trusted

Growing UpAt the end of the day, we want to build a company where people have colleagues that they know, like, and trust, work on meaningful projects, and have opportunities to learn and grow.

Please send us an email at to learn more.