Spatial-Temporal Analysis & Reasoning Database Engine

STARbase is a database engine tailor-made for spatial-temporal analysis and entity resolution. It has been used in production for 2 years helping commercial Fortune 500 customers analyze and entity-resolve hundreds of billions of records with spatial-temporal data attributes.

STARbase helps analysts find non-obvious relationships and patterns in datasets with billions of records in just seconds.

spatial patterns jbad outlier
STARbase can characterize areas of interest to automatically detect patterns and anomalies in geospatial data as a part of continuous analysis.

Originally created to support the data requirements of commercial marketing and advertising systems that handle billions of streaming records per day, STARbase has a simple extensible data model that can accommodate diverse types of spatial and temporal data including IOT sensors, GPS, web session data, blue-force tracking and many others.


Built to be horizontally scalable on commodity hardware, STARbase can be deployed on commercial clouds, hybrid clouds, or bare-metal servers and leverages a unique space/time indexing approach to simplify complex spatio-temporal analytics.

The system supports both ODBC and JDBC connectivity, allowing integration with commercial user-interfaces like Tableau.
STARbase also has a command-line-interface (CLI) that supports rapid Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) through SQL queries.



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